My name is Aleksandra Kuczyńska, while Alex Schiele is my artistic name. 

I am professional glass artist.

I create glass artworks, where light, reflection, and organic mirroring nature of my free hand drawing on glass are the unique characteristics.

I create the link between different light dimensions and invite the viewer into closer observation.
I operate with focus, perspective, and detail. I introduce glass pieces, which are alive in perception.

My admiration for nature finds its way to influencing my detailed glass pieces. Each of my works is entirely hand-crafted by me.

I implement a complex set of artistic skills and technical performances to create high-end artistic value.
Constant learning and discovery are significant elements of my professional practice.

My glass pieces holds my lifetime reflection.

It is my creative space- circle, from where I introduce and share with others my art creations.
Rondo Concept is in constant movement and evolution. 

Take a closer look. Reflect your own perspective on the unique nature of my glass creations.

Alex Schiele

(MA) Master of Fine Arts
/ Faculty of Glass/
/Glass Craft & Design/
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław/Poland

Faculty of Glass and Design,
Art University of Wolverhampton, UK

(BA) Bachelor degree
Rennovation and Design of Stained Glass
/Medieval, traditional & contemporary glass techniques
In 2012 I obtained my Master's degree in Glass Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, studying a broad range of glass techniques, from classical to contemporary.

I completed my studies at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, where I practiced hot glass techniques.

I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Renovation of Stained Glass. I used to work with medieval techniques of glass art while creating and reconstructing original stained glass designs.

I dedicate my life to the discovery of the glass nature and the realities that exist in it at the moment of now.

My glass works are like portals into different dimensions of light, time, and reflection.

Since 2014 I works on my project RONDO CONCEPT, where I reflect on my artistic potential and share it with others.

The studio was established in Copenhagen in 2014. Since 2021 I live and work in Poland, where I expand my artistic and glass practice.
© 2018 Rondo Concept by Alex Schiele