I have a chance to work as an artist with one of the most diversified materials. Glass can be anything from gossamer-thin transparency to hefty, dark granite solidity. The material is endlessly workable and would seem to possess a higher aptitude for transformation than other comparable materials formed by hand, heat, oxygen, and water. Glass is a mystery itself, and I build my relationship with this material of magic for fourteen years now. I hold an MA degree in Glass Design and BA degree in Design and Renovation of stained glass. 

To work with glass is a challenging but unique experience. The relation has to be based on respect and patience, where constant focus and acceptance for its nature are a must. Is a constant work on myself, my ego, attitude, and values. I polish my qualities and continuously overcome disadvantages to learn and to grow with it by my side.

Glass taught me that things might look fragile or transparent but they can hold the secrets of centuries and take us to the future. 

Glass  for me is like a wild and mystical creature that I train with. It can open in front of me to show its versatile beauty, or it can disappear in one second. It gives me the reflection of myself on a deeper level than visual. It shapes the core of my character. I am so grateful for this relation, which is a magical adventure ever since.

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