Rondo Concept For Kids is a part of my Rondo Concept brand, where I create art pieces dedicated for babies, kids and their parents.

I offer short collections and unique pieces of drawings, paintings, murals and workshops. I create each of them with the intention of honest and beautiful vibration expressed in the visual form of an art work.

Original art piece holds high vibration, that resonates with truth and honesty.  I meet with the beautiful feedback from kids who truly feel and appreciate my work and that is the most beautiful complement I can receive as an artist. That gives me an inspiration and excitement to share the artistic communication with the most honest  critics I could have:)

You are welcome to contact me if you find my work interesting or if you would like to order or discuss your artistic idea. 

Each concept is unique as e lifes I create for  °•○


Mr. Bear
Digital Drawing /  Prints on paper 

A4/ 21x29,7 cm
PRICE 200.00 DKK / 27.00 EUR

A3/ 29,7x42 cm
PRICE 300.00 DKK/ 40.00 EUR


Copy of the original drawing on paper /  Print 
A4/ 21x29,7 cm
PRICE 150.00 DKK / 20.00 EUR

A3/ 29,7x42 cm
PRICE 220.00 DKK/ 30.00 EUR
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