U N I Q U E   G L A S S   C R E A T I O N S

PHOTOGRAPHY Natalya Tarankova

RONDO CONCEPT is in constant movement  and evolution. It reflects creative perspectives of Alex Schiele, who is a professional and highly educated glass artist.

Behind the brand she introduces original glass art works, based on the profound knowledge of contemporary and old-time glass craft.

Each concept and piece of art is one-of-a kind, carefully and entirely handmade due to exclusive artistic techniques.

The admiration for nature and organic structures, finds its own way to influence each of Alex Schiele’s detailed artwork into which she implements her artistic DNA.

Alex Schiele developed a unique and complex technique of implementing mirroring effect into meticulously detailed drawings she performs on glass.
“My free hand drawings on glass have a mirroring nature.
It reflects the reality and it is in constant movement in regards to light & reflection.
Every element of my drawing is delicately created by hand.
Line by line...dot by dot...

I embrace it all with colors of back glass painting to create an art piece that will be always present here & now, but will also become to life with the viewer’s personal and unique perception. 

My intentions is to invite the viewer into an artistic experience, where observation is the secret key to discover the magic that exists around us, but we tend to miss it out.

Each  piece is an alive creation and reflects the nature of reality in unique and mesmerizing way”

The pieces are also the finest jewellery for the interior.
Elegant, modern and beautifully unique. They become a statement at the interior, while becoming a natural part of it.

Welcome in my RONDO CONCEPT  
Take a closer look and reflect yourself in Unique Art Creation.

To collect or commission any of my glass pieces, please contact me directly.

Alex Schiele

Glass & Concept Artist

PHOTOGRAPHY Natalya Tarankova

© 2018 Rondo Concept by Alex Schiele